The Virgin Mary Church of Catholics-Kouklia Village near Paphos

This magnificent 13th Century church is located within a short distance of the medieval manor house that hosts the Aphrodite temple and museum. It is also called Panagia Odigitria. Odigitria can be translated as the one who shows the path, who leads.

Built from the stone used from the ruins of Aphrodite temple destroyed during the earthquake. Idololatric temple was at the place of the church.
What is interesting to mention are the arches that are still there. The idea of Arches was introduced by Etruscans that lived in tribes in and around today’s Tuscany. Later it was used by Rome, like the famous Shewolf of the Capitoline. Romulus and Remus and the tale came after.

To tickle your curiosity, Etruscans used letters that looked like the Cyrillic alphabet today. The only way to decipher those ancient writings is by using the Cyrillic alphabet. Ultimately, everything is simple as long as you have a clear mind and a clean soul.
Cyprus hides many mysteries, and the time will come to reveal many of them.



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