Coffee Island Pallouriotisas 10 years anniversary

Coffee Island
22 435777

What is 10 years compared with eternity? You would say it is just a drop in the ocean! However, Coffee Island Pallouriotisas, the coffee shop most of us use for morning coffee or afternoon meeting point managed in 10 years to become an ocean.

Ocean of posetive energy, genuine human atmosphere where informations and thoughts are exchanged freely, where animosity dissappears and where moral values( you know moral is that thing which is the respect for others ) are of high standards and where in practice we live togetherness and see that protecting others from ourselves is the highest level of humanity.

If rainbow is the sign of goodness than that goodness is here.

To all the staff and caring owners, who are also the staff CYPRUS WE LOVE wishes many many great moments without counting years. Years pass but moments stay.

D. R. L.



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