Unique experience to start the week-Coffee Island Pallouriotisas

Coffee Island Pallouriotisas

Comming to the usual place Monday morning always hide new surprises. Meeting friends, talking about passed weekend events, basketball, football, politics, weather, art, history. Electricity bills. You name it.

Beautiful people passing. Some smiling some not. Some in deep thoughts some without thoughts, flying and flying. Those people, with their lightness of being, radiating unique posetive emotions, inspire others to the unmeasured levels.

Those are unforgettable moments!

To mention some of them.

Soteris, Andros, George, Pavlos, Maria, Andri, Georgia, Anna, and so many others leave part of their ideas, their souls here, to be shared by all of us. We all have different lives, different priorities. However at Coffee Island Pallouriotisas all those ideas, concerns, thoughts, views become united, enriching our souls and making us wiser and more posetive!

That is simply and genuinely called togetherness. No need to be explained by words. A look of respect and curiosity, a smile, or just a hand move enlightens all.

Storing this memorable moments in our souls is a must. We jealously guard them as we know that they will be there for us in the times of need when we feel disappointed and depressed. And the times we live in, can be very demanding and stressful.

Here, at Coffee Island Pallouriotisas they confirmed many times that their business is not a coffee. Their aim are the people that come to be served beautiful tasty coffee, always accompanied with genuine smile!

Coffee Island Pallouriotisas is the Oasis of posetive energy and inspiration. It is about people, for the people, serving absolutely tasty coffee and ,believe it or not, tasteful protein bars!

My favourite is yogurt and cranberry. If you wish you could try it.

Have a great week ahead, and join so many of us here.

One smile will do!



Connect and Respect


Coffee Island Pallouriotissas-the magnetism

Coffer Island at Pallouriotisa-Nicosia

“A morning coffee is my favorite way of starting the day, settling the nerves so that they don’t later fray.”

I would add that here, at the place, at the COFFEE ISLAND OF PALLOURIOTISSAS, where so many of us are spending time drinking coffee of any kind, one can also have the opportunity to learn something more. To get inspired for the day and to unpatiently wait for the next morning to get a follow-up of inspiration along with the usual coffee. Plus to present the findings to the questions of previous morning!

This morning was the time to talk about the life purpose. Difficult subject for the morning we thought. But at the end it was not! It was a piece a sweet cake that accompanied the coffee! Brief but with substance! Substance, not poison, is always in the small things! So, we, George, a famous painter and me came to the simple conclusion. To have a purpose one should have the aim. Everything else are variations. To have the aim and to patiently wave your net till that aim gets shape. And then? We said, one step at the time. Substance would be to…. keep walking with awareness as we noticed that there are some of us that are sleepwalking.

Coffee and curious company can awake sleepwalkers. Especially at this place that genuinely radiates magnetism! It is happening as trained, humble, hard working and common sensed staff are working together with owners for complete satisfaction of customers! That is called togetherness in practice!

COFFEE ISLAND PALLOURIOTISSAS became a traditional spot for free exchanges of the ideas with high respect for any disagreements. The secret here is that no one is pushing anyone to accept the thoughts of others, even in football, and believe it, that is a proven way for people to accept differences and build unity! Simple respect combined with kindness!

That kindness I experienced personaly when once I had a minor disagreement. By my mot and never forgetable surprise I was treated with the bagel from the lady owner where at the paper bag was her writing expressing the utmost gratitude one could get. A simple heart and two words! Love you. That love came from all her family and staff! It was so emotional, unforgetable moment that by writing these words here and remembering that moment I experienced, my hands tremble and my heart and soul feel again the joy and happiness! Little things are not critical, they DEFINE everything. Those who understand little things-they understand all!


So, dear readers, when having a trouble in finding the aim for your life or when you need a simple inspiration and you are around go, have a coffee and exchange look or some words with the people there. That could be the beginning of an interesting encounter.

To be continued…



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