Coffee Island Stavrou-Strovolos-Nicosia

Coffee Island Stavrou Avenue Strovolos

Do we visit coffee shops to get a coffee only?
Yes! Many of us do! However, many of us go there not only for the coffee but also for a good company where exchanging experiences, views, and thoughts occurs every day!
Someone involved in the coffee shop business was right when he stated that his idea was not to be in the business of coffee serving people but to be in the business of people serving coffee!
That human touch, so rare today, is precisely what one feels at Nicosia’s COFFEE ISLAND Stavrou Avenue!

It is not only coffee! Coffee could be called the byproduct! Absolutely Delicious and Inspirational byproduct! At the COFFEE ISLAND Stavrou Avenue, the actual offering is socializing! It is one of the places where your emotions are tuned in a positive way allowing the inspiration to overtake your stress, fear, and pressure! To stabilize you, contribute towards structuring your thoughts, and make your day a fulfilling one!

All that would not be possible without the personal touch of Anna and Pavlos with the assistance of the highly trained, humble, cheerful staff, sharing genuine smiles and positivity!

If you, like me, are passing near Stavrou Avenue and want to have an excellent start to the day, suppress the stress, and arm yourself with positivity, the COFFEE ISLAND Stavrou is the right place! It is not advertising! NO! It is a fact and feeling shared!

Then, sometimes you might also get a surprise treat from Anna and Pavlos, who recognize the time to do it and how to do it humbly and sweetly!

People first

One word that just came to my mind and does reflect the atmosphere at COFFEE ISLAND Stavrou is COMPASSION! In Greek it is called συνπόνια-Synponia. Sharing of the pain! Pain shared is pain halved as the love shared is the love doubled!
There you get a coffee and genuine, humble, human compassion! FOR ALL!
Get your antennas ready when going there, and you will also feel it!

Enjoy the coffee!

Darko Richard Lancelot


Connect and Respect

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