Apomero(απόμερο) Cafe-Where tradition meets the present

Apomero- at the side road of famous Ermou Street Old Nicosia

Walking in the historic Taht-el-kale neighborhood of Nicosia always has its charms and surprises. History is all around.
From Taht el Kale Mosque, Porta Giuliana(popularly known as Famagusta Gate), Old Panayia Chrysaliniotissa Church-Our Lady of Golden Flax, the oldest Byzantine church built within the Venetian walls in 1450, the visitor, sometimes without realizing it, is taken aside to the secluded journey of History, connected with the present and future. Simply the life journey!

History reveals itself in those sheltered places hidden from the main road, especially when combined with traditional taste and genuine overwhelming traditional, hospitality!
TO APOMERO-The Place to mingle with the History, where tradition meets the present. Where the dreams of the founder Mrs. Androula, the refuge from Zodia village, are softly injected, transfered to her children and grandchildren which are now running the  everyday work of this glittering place.

Tradition, the word which has many meanings and causes as many feelings. TO APOMERO Cafe is the best place to apply the quote of Somerset Maugham where “tradition is a guide and not a jailer.” Exactly. With one common word- tasteful.

So the TO APOMERO menu has: Traditional, Genuine Cypriot Cheese Pie, Spinach Pie, Orange Pie, Olive Pie, Rolled Baklava, another traditional domestic Cypriot Coffee combined with the second part of Somerset quote representing Latte Cafe, Americano( do you know how Americano became Americano? ), Cappuccino, Espresso which in Cyprus should have another name Lentoesso(slow drinking), Freddo espresso( this particular is the real Lentoesso) and Freddo Cappuccino. If you are fed up with coffies here you can find real home made lemonade and watermelon 🍉 juice, and two types of Cypriot made beers KEO and Carlsberg( made in Cyprus under license).

Before continuing with this really must visit place in Old Nicosia let me tell you a story how Americano cafe got the name. Namely when American Army under the famous General Paton liberated Sicily in 1943, soldiers were resting by visiting Italian cafeterias. When they ordered a coffee and saw how small the coffee was, espresso, they started to complain. Then Sicilians came to an idea to double espresso quantity and pour more hot water in. Americans were satisfied and for this Italians baptised that coffee Americano.

TO APOMERO, of course has Americano on offer. Maybe Apomero cafe will be the first to baptise the two and a half espresso with the name Lentoesso of Apomero. It sounds to me now that I am writing it as something royal! Old Nicosia and this place TO APOMERO CAFE have the ability to inspire and transform nous to come up with new original ideas.


Visit TO APOMERO, let your nous be liberated and the rest will be done with tastes and the energy radiating here.

How it all started? That will be revealed in the next sequels. Stay tuned with Cypruswelove.com



Darko Richard Lancelot

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