Kitchener, Horatio Herbert, and Cyprus

Image from the book of M.A.Sofocleous- “Pissouri, a village bathed in light.”

“Cyprus, a little world in itself… no wild beast or reptiles disturb the solitude. The water is sweet and cool, the wine is nectar, and the food plain and good: above all, I know that my grave will be respected and that kind hands will close my eyes.” – From the 1936 book Historic Cyprus of Rupert Gunnis. 

While visiting the famous HANI restaurant and coffee shop with still amazingly tasty halloumi cheese and tomato sandwiches, in the village of Pissouri, halfway from Limassol to Paphos, I heard the traditional talk about the history of Cyprus and the organization of the island land registry. I was excited to have the privilege to be at this place at the right time and enjoy a lively exchange of knowledge. 

Time stopped for a while. I remembered my many stopovers at this place when the highway did not exist. Memories awoke and became alive again. Here we always had discussions about everything! From the exploration of the universe, the Cyprus issue, water supply, or simply daily news. Beautiful times when people were more relaxed, when simple common sense held all diplomas of this world, and when smiles, open hearts, and curious eyes were a regular feature. That was the secret, as said in the Little Prince-“It is quite simple: man sees well only with their heart.”

Those times are gone, but still, I confirmed once again that there are places, the oasis on this beautiful island you can find and feel the warmth of pure human souls. They are always right! Always! 

My attention got tickled further by the mention of Kitchener’s name. It was a short story about then lieutenant Kitchener I did not know. Kitchener came to Cyprus, did his job, and left to go to the legend! 

He became a famous and visionary brave man with the rank of Field Marchal and 1st Earl Kitchener. He became the British Secretary of State for War in 1914. He had tremendous authority in the whole British Army and he held that position until his sudden death on June 5, 1916 while on board HMS Hampshire. He was going for strategic talks with Russia by the order of then Primeminister Asquith who wanted to ensure that Russia would stay at war. Someone said that the “Good authorities concur that he was the one man who might have sustained Russia.” 

Strange things happen but never by coincidence! Especially if you learn that Primeminister Asquith resigned on December 5, 1916, to be succeeded by David Loyd George. Conclusions are yours, having in mind how the Bolshevik revolution developed and who were the organizers. If you do not know, investigate. 

As my memory refreshed, we started talking about the land registry and the experts that the British Crown sent to survey in 1878.

Here is the quote from that explains the historical events and presents the work of Kitchener.

“In June of 1878, the Congress of Berlin took place where the “Great Powers” negotiated over the distribution of the Turkish possessions in the Balkans and elsewhere following the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-78, in which Russia liberated almost all Ottoman European possessions. Through independent agreements with Russia and Turkey, Britain was given the administration of Cyprus. As a result of these negotiations, the island of Cyprus was ceded to Britain and came under the control of the Foreign Secretary, the Marquis of Salisbury, in 1878.

During the three hundred years of Ottoman occupation, there had been no detailed surveys or technical advances in the land mapping of Cyprus. Some considered the “best” existing map at the time of possession as that by the Venetian artist Giacomo Franco, printed in about 1570. The Foreign Office immediately recognized that a proper survey of the island of Cyprus was required. Kitchener was recommended to take on the survey work based on his recently completed trigonometric survey of Palestine. Kitchener’s Palestine survey was recognized as a model of its kind and one of the first where difficult terrain had been mapped with consistent accuracy.

Kitchener’s remit was to produce a survey of the island of Cyprus that would meet the requirements for administrative and revenue purposes.”

Kitchener, then a young rising star lieutenant of the Royal Engineers, came to Cyprus in 1878 after completing a survey of Palestine. 

It was another assignment he took seriously by personally visiting all the places in Cyprus overlooking the map making. 

The owner of Hani Restaurant and Coffee shop, who was quietly listening to our lively conversations, surprised me by presenting a copy of two articles posted on July 1st, 1927 in the Alithia newspaper and December 5th, 1936 in Cyprus Mail. Both were talking about the event that happened on December 5th, 1882 at the toponym known as “Strongilolaogo” at Pissouri village. 

So, what has happened?

Namely, on December 5th, 1882, while he was at the Pissouri village inspecting the road at the toponym “strongilolaogo” shots were fired at him! 

Image from the book of M.A.Sofocleous- “Pissouri, a village bathed in light.”

As one Moustafa Merixian of the Plataniskias in the Limassol area that was accused of the premeditated murder of one Mouharem Salih Aga of the same village, together with Salih Kritikos of Stavrokonnou who was accused of stealing sheep and goats from the farms in his village in Paphos area, escaped from detention and were wandering around Pissouri.

They spotted Kitchener in uniform riding the white horse. They thought that he was a policeman. Frightened that he was looking for them, Moustafa fired at Kitchener. The first bullet missed. He fired the second shot. Fortunately, Kitchener got just bruised by the second bullet and stayed alive! How would the history developed if Kitchener was assassinated one can just imagine. However we know how history developed when he drawn

Image from the book of M.A.Sofocleous- “Pissouri, a village bathed in light.”

He reported this incident and a month after that, on January 4th, 1883 he left Cyprus, to go some years after directly to the legend! 

Darko Richard Lancelot


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Cyprus Dreamers

❤ Cyprus

We met. Cyprus never stops surprising us! At this first Cyprus Dreamers gathering we all had the honor and utmost pleasure to meet people that have Cypriot roots and people who came to this magical island to create their own roots. Common denominator? Love and togetherness that are interweaved with the dream for peace, equality, respect, compassion.

We exchanged thoughts, poems,  about the future. FUTURE! As our purpose for existence IS to work for the future. Of course, for those advocating that we live in present, we say yes! We use every present moment to mark the FUTURE! NO ONE IS FOREVER, EXEPT FOR THOSE THAT WORK, THAT AIM FOR THE FUTURE. Remember Aristophanes or Rumi? Or Shams Tabrizi, Emre or Kavafis or Sophocles? They were living in their present leaving work to inspire us for centuries and centuries and even more centuries. That is called in one word-forever. So, if it is necessary to follow the logic of mathematics then 2+2= immortality!

Do you want to be immortal? You can! Leave deeds behind. Deeds that people would remember, not because you said something, or you did something, but because you made them FEEL something, as Maya Angelou beautifully said. That something has translation and it is pure LOVE!

Current confused laws of Phisics that are limiting us instead of inspiring, say that we came from somewhere we do not know, to wander here for a while, and to go somewhere we do not know. That makes us to experience constant topsy-turvy.

Well that can be dealt about!

Instead of looking or, God forbid, wishing how to make the Donkey of the neighbour to die, go and make him/her/them a surprise visit and, over traditional Cyprus coffee and sweets( Zivania and Raki can be included of course!),contribute for the Donkey to live longer and be happy! That feeling of togetherness is what will stay behind you! That feeling of respect, compassion, genuine and pure love will be mingling around your descendants forever! So, to use that mathematical equation again-2+2=YOU ARE IMMORTAL!

Cyprus Dreamers can not do much! It can not buy you new Ferari. But it can inspire you to start dreaming more and feeling better, making people around you to experience the same!

Who wants can join us next time! Will not regret! Actually there are NO REGRETS!

As, we said yesterday, the aim is not to go to the moon and back! The aim is to transfer all this posetive energy to the universe! WE DID IT YESTERDAY BY SENDING OUR TOGETHERNESS THROUGH MILKY WAY TO OUTER SPACE, AND WE WILL BE DOING IT EVERY NEXT TIME!

You can laugh, but maybe, just maybe it is better to start dreaming with CYPRUS DREAMERS!

Wishing all health and happiness


Darko Richard Lancelot


Nicosia, Cyprus

Gerovital in Cyprus

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Go Digital Cyprus

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We live in a reality where uncertainty, pressure in solving everyday issues, and “no time” for thinking about new ideas are “new normal.”
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Music Through The Ages-Kolossi Castle

At Castle of Kolossi unique event!
H Tatiana Stupak παρουσιάζει το open-air concert
“Music through the Ages” για το ΚΥΦΑ
Παρασκευή, 10 Ιουνίου, 2022
Στο Μεσαιωνικό Κάστρο Κολοσσίου
Δεξίωση: 18:30
Κονσέρτο: 19:30
Τιμή Εισιτηρίου: 30 euro
H Tatiana Stupak παρουσιάζει το open-air κονσέρτο “Music through the Ages”. Το πρωτότυπο κονσέρτο θα παρουσιαστεί στον ειδικά διαμορφωμένο (εξωτερικό) χώρο στο Μεσαιωνικό Κάστρο Κολοσσίου. H εκδήλωση θα ξεκινήσει στις 18:30 το απόγευμα με δεξίωση και στις 19:30 θα ακολουθήσει το κονσέρτο.

Στο κονσέρτο θα παίξουν οι μουσικοί:
• Tatiana Stupak (Piano)
• Ester Kandinova (Soprano)
• Antonios Koutroupis (Tenor)
• Trio Triptych (Piano, Violin, Cello)
• Olivera Rialas (Violin)
• Dušan Stojanovic (Cello)

Παρουσιάζει η Άννα Μαρία Ευτυχίου.

Η εκδήλωση τελεί υπό την αιγίδα της Πρώτης Κυρίας, κας. Άντρης Αναστασιάδη και όλα τα έσοδα θα διατεθούν για το Κέντρο Υποστήριξης Ανθρώπων που ζουν με HIV/AIDS στη Κύπρο – Κ.Υ.Φ.Α.

Κύριος Χορηγός: Igor Dzigora
Διαμαντένιοι Χορηγοί: Max – Sports, Wimbledon Park

Περισσότερες Πληροφορίες: 99 575074 / 99 140240

Hope you enjoy this unique event !


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Cyprus is full of surprises! Forever Living products are worldwide known. That Includes Cyprus. However known worldwide, every place has its own specifics! In Cyprus, the specifics are amazingly and originally presented by two amazing ladies. Their initials are M. and E. This is the beginning of the story about them and about their passion for FOREVER LIVING products you will have the opportunity to read about here in the next months.

When I met these energetic, highly human, professional, and emotional ladies, so deeply connected with Forever Living products, I would not dream that Forever Living would enter and my life in the best possible way, like boosting my immunity system to the levels of no fear! Remember- NO FEAR!

They managed, with their knowledge, their personal suggestions, and humble inquiries with utmost care to the well-being of others to increase and shape my understanding of what it means to use Forever Living products to my own advantage! And that is a complete truth!

As the truth is simple, very simple, one product that is to use FOREVER is ALOE VERA GEL! What you read is what you get!

M. E. and You Forever

Without any exaggeration!

E.F.Schumacher said: “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”


For more info use the link: M.E. and You Forever

To be continued…


Darko Richard Lancelot

All rights reserved

Connect and Respect

Kolossi Castle and beccaficos(“Ambelopoulia”) birds

Just outside of Limassol, the visitor can find beautiful Kolossi Castle.
It was built around 1210 when the Hospitallers, Knights of St.John of Jerusalem, arrived in Cyprus and were given the state of Kolossi by Lusignan King Hugo I.
The area controlled by the Castle is surrounded by 60 villages, the Kouris river, and fertile land with many vineyards, olive trees, carob and cotton plants, sugar plantations…
The present shape was erected in 1454 by order of Louis de Magnac, Grand Commander of Knights in Cyprus. It is about 75 feet high with walls 9 feet thick, divided into three floors. On the second-floor wall, you can still see a large mural painting of the Crucifixion bearing coat of arms of Louis de Magnac. He was succeeded by John Langstrother, who later was beheaded by King Edward IV. At the beginning of the XVI Century passed into the possession of the Cornaro family, with the first owner being Cardinal Marco Cornaro, brother of Queen Caterina. After the Ottoman
conquest, the Cornaro family lost the property.
After 1799 when the House of Cornaro died out, the property was claimed by Count Mocenigo of Zakinthos( Greek Island), who married the heiress of the Cornaro house. It was in possession of this family till 1954, when the last descendant Count Alvise Nicolo Mocenigo, died.

As there were many vineyards, they were “visited” by little birds caught on lime twigs, plucked, and packed in jars with vinegar. The knights introduced that specialty to the gourmets of Europe and beyond. That is now forbidden, but it is practiced secretly. In the early XVI century, by the writings of John Locke, they exported to Venice. Some 1200 pots, apart from those that were consumed in Cyprus. Their Greek name is”Ambelopoulia.” In free translation, “vineyard birds.” Even today, it continues to be a specialty, but the law protects those birds in Cyprus.

Just near the castle you will see an old church and sugar mill complex.

Warmly recommended for the visit as you will enjoy the view and the surroundings


Darko Richard Lancelot A

All rights reserved

Connect and Respect

Tefkros Anthias-Τεύκρος Ανθίας

Andreas Pavlou – Tefkros Anthias

One day in 1991, while I was at Onasagorou, the parallel street to the famous Ledra street – or better known as Long Road street, the name of Tefkros Anthias came first to my knowledge. From then on, many times, Tefkros the immortal Anthias crossed my mind, confirming how this magic island always had people thinking with their own heads and were never ready to give that freedom to anyone! Whatever the cost.
That is how I started to love Cyprus deeply! Till today and till ever!
Here is a small contribution. Two poems of Tefkros Anthias in English and Greek.
I can say that none will be forgotten, and CYPRUSWELOVE.COM will mention as many as humanly possible people who reflect that original Cypriot way to demonstrate unique logic and exclusive common sense!
Before you read these two poems, let me share one short story that happened to me.
Namely, a beautiful soul friend of mine who is also a well-known businessman gave me some poems that I published on my website a couple of years ago. When I asked if I could use his real name, he told me – No, please. Can you use Velendis instead? I said yes, but asked what does that word mean- He said- It is coming from the word Levendis I did not use properly when I was a child, and instead, I was saying Velendis!
Levendis in English means Fine Man-Fellow.
He will also be presented to you in the following parts!

The whistles of the bum

Punk! Tonight is such a good night, so good.
You can go to sleep on a bench, bum!
Thought broadened life so much, so much,
that man made the earth and the whole universe home.

You have no tears to mourn, no courage to suffer,
nor hysterical cries to go beyond.
You are a silent wave of a perpetual storm,
who calms anxiously in the quiet evening.

And when you find the redemption lying on a bench
and the siphon and the storm of your life will be silenced,
bum, you will never say you were tired
from the hard struggle of your arrhythmic soul.

and in Greek original

Τα σφυρίγματα του αλήτη

Αλήτη! Απόψε είν’ η βραδιά τόσο καλή, τόσο καλή.
Μπορείς να πας να κοιμηθείς σ’ ένα παγκάκι, αλήτη!
Πλάτυνε η σκέψη τη ζωή τόσο πολύ, τόσο πολύ,
που έκανε ο άνθρωπος τη γη κι όλο το σύμπαν σπίτι.

Δεν έχεις δάκρυα να θρηνείς, ούτε κουράγιο να πονείς,
ούτε κραυγές υστερικές να βγάνεις πέρα ως πέρα.
Είσ’ ένα κύμα σιωπηλό μιας τρικυμίας παντοτινής,
που γαληνεύει ανήσυχα στην ήσυχη εσπέρα.

Κι όταν θα βρεις το λυτρωμό σ’ ένα παγκάκι ξαπλωμένος
και θα σιγήσει ο σίφουνας κι η θύελλα της ζωής σου,
αλήτη, δεν θα πεις ποτέ πως ήσουν κουρασμένος
απ’ τον αγώνα το σκληρό της άρρυθμης ψυχής σου.

The hope
My body, worn out , after all this struggle
I want to lay myself down in a bed full of flowers
feel the spreading of fragrances and shiverings
and pure lust in my shaded Ego.

The years of innocence have gone
my most wanted childhood years
and I was thrown into a wild darkness
being tortured in an abyss eternally.

When I caught myself feeling bitter
having experienced the misery of this world
Yes! I opened my eyelids
and saw Nothingness fluttering in front of me.

My soul’s foundation has been crumbled
since I saw its shape and its winds
Darkness everywhere. Only a glowing somewhere
does unburden my life. Behold , the hope!

Η ελπίδα
Βαργεστισμένο το κορμί μου απ’ το πάλεμα
θέλει να γείρει σε κρεβάτι ανθοστρωμένο,
να νιώσει μύρα, ανατριχίλες να σκορπίζουνται
κι αγνές λαχτάρες στο Εγώ μου το ισκιωμένο.

Έχουν διαβεί τα χρόνια τ’ απονήρευτα,
τα παιδικά, τα ποθητά μου χρόνια
και σε σκοτάδια αγριεμένα ερίχτηκα
να τυραγνιέμαι σε μια άβυσσο αιώνια.

Τον εαυτό μου σαν κατάλαβα πικράθηκε
τι την κατάντια γνώρισα του κόσμου.
Ναι! των ματιών μου άνοιξα τα βλέφαρα
κι είδα το Τίποτε να φτερουγίζει εμπρός μου.

Έχουν σαλέψει της ψυχής τα θέμελα
σαν τη μορφή και τα φτερά του είδα.14
Παντού σκοτάδι. Μόνο κάπου ένα λαμπύρισμα
μου ξαλαφρώνει τη ζωή. Να η ελπίδα!


Darko Richard Lancelot

Connect and Respect

Meet Ancient Cyprus No.1

Kafeneion of Christoforos
Another Kafeneion – the political centre of
the village…
Hookah joy at another kafeneio

Those three photos are from an amazing book of Marie-Louise Winbladh – The Cyprus Adventure 1927-1931.

The expedition started in autumn of 1927 when Swedish archaeologists with the help of their Cypriot friends and workers have made many discoveries during their excavations which we will cover here in parts. Beautiful and highly important stories. Love Cyprus and its people!

Those three photos are from Lapithos village from 1927s.

To be continued with utmost gratitude!

Darko Richard Lancelot


Connect and Respect