Coffee Island Pallouriotisas 10 years anniversary

Coffee Island
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What is 10 years compared with eternity? You would say it is just a drop in the ocean! However, Coffee Island Pallouriotisas, the coffee shop most of us use for morning coffee or afternoon meeting point managed in 10 years to become an ocean.

Ocean of posetive energy, genuine human atmosphere where informations and thoughts are exchanged freely, where animosity dissappears and where moral values( you know moral is that thing which is the respect for others ) are of high standards and where in practice we live togetherness and see that protecting others from ourselves is the highest level of humanity.

If rainbow is the sign of goodness than that goodness is here.

To all the staff and caring owners, who are also the staff CYPRUS WE LOVE wishes many many great moments without counting years. Years pass but moments stay.

D. R. L.



Go Digital Cyprus

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We live in a reality where uncertainty, pressure in solving everyday issues, and “no time” for thinking about new ideas are “new normal.”
Feel stuck in what to do and how to proceed?
Well, there is a solution. And it is not advertising! It is a must.
It is a must as the ideas can be applied from any place with Wi-Fi.
It is a must because ONE NEW WORD to hear that makes a “click” could initiate the inspiration that will substantially increase your income while doing what you love! THAT SHOULD BE THE PURPOSE OF EXISTENCE. Doing what you love!
That is what you will find participating at the “Go Digital Cyprus” conference!
Plus you will have the chance to meet highly innovative and sucssefull personalities, exchange views, and get new PRACTICAL ideas about the ways of starting new or improving existing ventures!
Enough said.
The rest is just up to you, as always!
They are awaiting you with confidence that you will be allowed to realize with just one but significant “CLICK” those much-needed new ideas that will boost your business!
Below are the details of the conference and how to book your place.
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Unique experience to start the week-Coffee Island Pallouriotisas

Coffee Island Pallouriotisas

Comming to the usual place Monday morning always hide new surprises. Meeting friends, talking about passed weekend events, basketball, football, politics, weather, art, history. Electricity bills. You name it.

Beautiful people passing. Some smiling some not. Some in deep thoughts some without thoughts, flying and flying. Those people, with their lightness of being, radiating unique posetive emotions, inspire others to the unmeasured levels.

Those are unforgettable moments!

To mention some of them.

Soteris, Andros, George, Pavlos, Maria, Andri, Georgia, Anna, and so many others leave part of their ideas, their souls here, to be shared by all of us. We all have different lives, different priorities. However at Coffee Island Pallouriotisas all those ideas, concerns, thoughts, views become united, enriching our souls and making us wiser and more posetive!

That is simply and genuinely called togetherness. No need to be explained by words. A look of respect and curiosity, a smile, or just a hand move enlightens all.

Storing this memorable moments in our souls is a must. We jealously guard them as we know that they will be there for us in the times of need when we feel disappointed and depressed. And the times we live in, can be very demanding and stressful.

Here, at Coffee Island Pallouriotisas they confirmed many times that their business is not a coffee. Their aim are the people that come to be served beautiful tasty coffee, always accompanied with genuine smile!

Coffee Island Pallouriotisas is the Oasis of posetive energy and inspiration. It is about people, for the people, serving absolutely tasty coffee and ,believe it or not, tasteful protein bars!

My favourite is yogurt and cranberry. If you wish you could try it.

Have a great week ahead, and join so many of us here.

One smile will do!


Connect and Respect

The Virgin Mary Church of Catholics-Kouklia Village near Paphos

This magnificent 13th Century church is located within a short distance of the medieval manor house that hosts the Aphrodite temple and museum. It is also called Panagia Odigitria. Odigitria can be translated as the one who shows the path, who leads.

Built from the stone used from the ruins of Aphrodite temple destroyed during the earthquake. Idololatric temple was at the place of the church.
What is interesting to mention are the arches that are still there. The idea of Arches was introduced by Etruscans that lived in tribes in and around today’s Tuscany. Later it was used by Rome, like the famous Shewolf of the Capitoline. Romulus and Remus and the tale came after.

To tickle your curiosity, Etruscans used letters that looked like the Cyrillic alphabet today. The only way to decipher those ancient writings is by using the Cyrillic alphabet. Ultimately, everything is simple as long as you have a clear mind and a clean soul.
Cyprus hides many mysteries, and the time will come to reveal many of them.


Atlantica Mare Village

Atlantica Mare Village

Atlantica Mare Village one of the leading resorts situated at Ayia Napa Protaras Road is a remarkable and exeptional place for all kinds of holidays. Including weddings! Or just inspirational book reading and writing…

The writer of these words did not see anywhere else more book readers and genuine satisfactory smiles. I had a feeling that visiting Atlantica Mare Village left” all my troubles far away.” That explains such a posetive atmosphere, firstly from the highly professional staff projected to all visitors and partners of this great establishment.

Another observation that approached my mind and developed while I was staying at Atlantica Mare Village is that I felt that I am mastering telepathy! Without asking, the staff knew what we need and more specifically, they all knew how to approach us and humbly ask or offer their valuable services. Amazing! Humanity will prevail!

This short story will be developed further as my experience in Atlantica Mare Village is growing and developing deeply every moment.

In the meantime pack the things take the plane and choose Atlantica Mare Village for the unique experience!

Darko Richard Lancelot


Connect and Respect

Gerovital Cyprus-The Beauty that inspires


This is not advertising! This is the life stance!
Did you know that GEROVITAL products, the trade mark of World Renowned Romanian biologist and physician Ana Aslan can be found in Cyprus? From the shop in Nicosia GEROVITAL is available for delivery in the whole of this magic island. When enthusiasts want everything becomes possible! Stay tuned forvthe story of GEROVITAL and GEROVITAL CYPRUS. In the meantime you can see more at
Presence of Gerovital here in Cyprus is another confirmation that Cyprus is highly inspirational place that enables original ideas to flourish.
You can find links at each of the photos and enjoy the journey inside of GEROVITAL CYPRUS.

To be continued…


Darko Richard Lancelot

Connect and Respect


For more information use the link: M.E.and You Forever

Cyprus is full of surprises! Forever Living products are worldwide known. That Includes Cyprus. However known worldwide, every place has its own specifics! In Cyprus, the specifics are amazingly and originally presented by two amazing ladies. Their initials are M. and E. This is the beginning of the story about them and about their passion for FOREVER LIVING products you will have the opportunity to read about here in the next months.

When I met these energetic, highly human, professional, and emotional ladies, so deeply connected with Forever Living products, I would not dream that Forever Living would enter and my life in the best possible way, like boosting my immunity system to the levels of no fear! Remember- NO FEAR!

They managed, with their knowledge, their personal suggestions, and humble inquiries with utmost care to the well-being of others to increase and shape my understanding of what it means to use Forever Living products to my own advantage! And that is a complete truth!

As the truth is simple, very simple, one product that is to use FOREVER is ALOE VERA GEL! What you read is what you get!

M. E. and You Forever

Without any exaggeration!

E.F.Schumacher said: “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”


For more info use the link: M.E. and You Forever

To be continued…


Darko Richard Lancelot

All rights reserved

Connect and Respect

Sunsets in Cyprus

End of April, and Orthodox Easter! Water is still cold but the weather improved. Najority of the people are out for traditional family gathering and the first swim. This is the Cyprus you will meet, this is the Cyprus We Love, and you will when you come and spend time here!

To be continued…


Darko Richard Lancelot

All rights reserved

Connect and Respect