Gerovital Cyprus-The Beauty that inspires


This is not advertising! This is the life stance!
Did you know that GEROVITAL products, the trade mark of World Renowned Romanian biologist and physician Ana Aslan can be found in Cyprus? From the shop in Nicosia GEROVITAL is available for delivery in the whole of this magic island. When enthusiasts want everything becomes possible! Stay tuned forvthe story of GEROVITAL and GEROVITAL CYPRUS. In the meantime you can see more at
Presence of Gerovital here in Cyprus is another confirmation that Cyprus is highly inspirational place that enables original ideas to flourish.
You can find links at each of the photos and enjoy the journey inside of GEROVITAL CYPRUS.

To be continued…


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Cyprus is full of surprises! Forever Living products are worldwide known. That Includes Cyprus. However known worldwide, every place has its own specifics! In Cyprus, the specifics are amazingly and originally presented by two amazing ladies. Their initials are M. and E. This is the beginning of the story about them and about their passion for FOREVER LIVING products you will have the opportunity to read about here in the next months.

When I met these energetic, highly human, professional, and emotional ladies, so deeply connected with Forever Living products, I would not dream that Forever Living would enter and my life in the best possible way, like boosting my immunity system to the levels of no fear! Remember- NO FEAR!

They managed, with their knowledge, their personal suggestions, and humble inquiries with utmost care to the well-being of others to increase and shape my understanding of what it means to use Forever Living products to my own advantage! And that is a complete truth!

As the truth is simple, very simple, one product that is to use FOREVER is ALOE VERA GEL! What you read is what you get!

M. E. and You Forever

Without any exaggeration!

E.F.Schumacher said: “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”


For more info use the link: M.E. and You Forever

To be continued…


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Kolossi Castle and beccaficos(“Ambelopoulia”) birds

Just outside of Limassol, the visitor can find beautiful Kolossi Castle.
It was built around 1210 when the Hospitallers, Knights of St.John of Jerusalem, arrived in Cyprus and were given the state of Kolossi by Lusignan King Hugo I.
The area controlled by the Castle is surrounded by 60 villages, the Kouris river, and fertile land with many vineyards, olive trees, carob and cotton plants, sugar plantations…
The present shape was erected in 1454 by order of Louis de Magnac, Grand Commander of Knights in Cyprus. It is about 75 feet high with walls 9 feet thick, divided into three floors. On the second-floor wall, you can still see a large mural painting of the Crucifixion bearing coat of arms of Louis de Magnac. He was succeeded by John Langstrother, who later was beheaded by King Edward IV. At the beginning of the XVI Century passed into the possession of the Cornaro family, with the first owner being Cardinal Marco Cornaro, brother of Queen Caterina. After the Ottoman
conquest, the Cornaro family lost the property.
After 1799 when the House of Cornaro died out, the property was claimed by Count Mocenigo of Zakinthos( Greek Island), who married the heiress of the Cornaro house. It was in possession of this family till 1954, when the last descendant Count Alvise Nicolo Mocenigo, died.

As there were many vineyards, they were “visited” by little birds caught on lime twigs, plucked, and packed in jars with vinegar. The knights introduced that specialty to the gourmets of Europe and beyond. That is now forbidden, but it is practiced secretly. In the early XVI century, by the writings of John Locke, they exported to Venice. Some 1200 pots, apart from those that were consumed in Cyprus. Their Greek name is”Ambelopoulia.” In free translation, “vineyard birds.” Even today, it continues to be a specialty, but the law protects those birds in Cyprus.

Just near the castle you will see an old church and sugar mill complex.

Warmly recommended for the visit as you will enjoy the view and the surroundings


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Tefkros Anthias-Τεύκρος Ανθίας

Andreas Pavlou – Tefkros Anthias

One day in 1991, while I was at Onasagorou, the parallel street to the famous Ledra street – or better known as Long Road street, the name of Tefkros Anthias came first to my knowledge. From then on, many times, Tefkros the immortal Anthias crossed my mind, confirming how this magic island always had people thinking with their own heads and were never ready to give that freedom to anyone! Whatever the cost.
That is how I started to love Cyprus deeply! Till today and till ever!
Here is a small contribution. Two poems of Tefkros Anthias in English and Greek.
I can say that none will be forgotten, and CYPRUSWELOVE.COM will mention as many as humanly possible people who reflect that original Cypriot way to demonstrate unique logic and exclusive common sense!
Before you read these two poems, let me share one short story that happened to me.
Namely, a beautiful soul friend of mine who is also a well-known businessman gave me some poems that I published on my website a couple of years ago. When I asked if I could use his real name, he told me – No, please. Can you use Velendis instead? I said yes, but asked what does that word mean- He said- It is coming from the word Levendis I did not use properly when I was a child, and instead, I was saying Velendis!
Levendis in English means Fine Man-Fellow.
He will also be presented to you in the following parts!

The whistles of the bum

Punk! Tonight is such a good night, so good.
You can go to sleep on a bench, bum!
Thought broadened life so much, so much,
that man made the earth and the whole universe home.

You have no tears to mourn, no courage to suffer,
nor hysterical cries to go beyond.
You are a silent wave of a perpetual storm,
who calms anxiously in the quiet evening.

And when you find the redemption lying on a bench
and the siphon and the storm of your life will be silenced,
bum, you will never say you were tired
from the hard struggle of your arrhythmic soul.

and in Greek original

Τα σφυρίγματα του αλήτη

Αλήτη! Απόψε είν’ η βραδιά τόσο καλή, τόσο καλή.
Μπορείς να πας να κοιμηθείς σ’ ένα παγκάκι, αλήτη!
Πλάτυνε η σκέψη τη ζωή τόσο πολύ, τόσο πολύ,
που έκανε ο άνθρωπος τη γη κι όλο το σύμπαν σπίτι.

Δεν έχεις δάκρυα να θρηνείς, ούτε κουράγιο να πονείς,
ούτε κραυγές υστερικές να βγάνεις πέρα ως πέρα.
Είσ’ ένα κύμα σιωπηλό μιας τρικυμίας παντοτινής,
που γαληνεύει ανήσυχα στην ήσυχη εσπέρα.

Κι όταν θα βρεις το λυτρωμό σ’ ένα παγκάκι ξαπλωμένος
και θα σιγήσει ο σίφουνας κι η θύελλα της ζωής σου,
αλήτη, δεν θα πεις ποτέ πως ήσουν κουρασμένος
απ’ τον αγώνα το σκληρό της άρρυθμης ψυχής σου.

The hope
My body, worn out , after all this struggle
I want to lay myself down in a bed full of flowers
feel the spreading of fragrances and shiverings
and pure lust in my shaded Ego.

The years of innocence have gone
my most wanted childhood years
and I was thrown into a wild darkness
being tortured in an abyss eternally.

When I caught myself feeling bitter
having experienced the misery of this world
Yes! I opened my eyelids
and saw Nothingness fluttering in front of me.

My soul’s foundation has been crumbled
since I saw its shape and its winds
Darkness everywhere. Only a glowing somewhere
does unburden my life. Behold , the hope!

Η ελπίδα
Βαργεστισμένο το κορμί μου απ’ το πάλεμα
θέλει να γείρει σε κρεβάτι ανθοστρωμένο,
να νιώσει μύρα, ανατριχίλες να σκορπίζουνται
κι αγνές λαχτάρες στο Εγώ μου το ισκιωμένο.

Έχουν διαβεί τα χρόνια τ’ απονήρευτα,
τα παιδικά, τα ποθητά μου χρόνια
και σε σκοτάδια αγριεμένα ερίχτηκα
να τυραγνιέμαι σε μια άβυσσο αιώνια.

Τον εαυτό μου σαν κατάλαβα πικράθηκε
τι την κατάντια γνώρισα του κόσμου.
Ναι! των ματιών μου άνοιξα τα βλέφαρα
κι είδα το Τίποτε να φτερουγίζει εμπρός μου.

Έχουν σαλέψει της ψυχής τα θέμελα
σαν τη μορφή και τα φτερά του είδα.14
Παντού σκοτάδι. Μόνο κάπου ένα λαμπύρισμα
μου ξαλαφρώνει τη ζωή. Να η ελπίδα!


Darko Richard Lancelot

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Meet Ancient Cyprus No.1

Kafeneion of Christoforos
Another Kafeneion – the political centre of
the village…
Hookah joy at another kafeneio

Those three photos are from an amazing book of Marie-Louise Winbladh – The Cyprus Adventure 1927-1931.

The expedition started in autumn of 1927 when Swedish archaeologists with the help of their Cypriot friends and workers have made many discoveries during their excavations which we will cover here in parts. Beautiful and highly important stories. Love Cyprus and its people!

Those three photos are from Lapithos village from 1927s.

To be continued with utmost gratitude!

Darko Richard Lancelot


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Coffee Island Stavrou-Strovolos-Nicosia

Coffee Island Stavrou Avenue Strovolos

Do we visit coffee shops to get a coffee only?
Yes! Many of us do! However, many of us go there not only for the coffee but also for a good company where exchanging experiences, views, and thoughts occurs every day!
Someone involved in the coffee shop business was right when he stated that his idea was not to be in the business of coffee serving people but to be in the business of people serving coffee!
That human touch, so rare today, is precisely what one feels at Nicosia’s COFFEE ISLAND Stavrou Avenue!

It is not only coffee! Coffee could be called the byproduct! Absolutely Delicious and Inspirational byproduct! At the COFFEE ISLAND Stavrou Avenue, the actual offering is socializing! It is one of the places where your emotions are tuned in a positive way allowing the inspiration to overtake your stress, fear, and pressure! To stabilize you, contribute towards structuring your thoughts, and make your day a fulfilling one!

All that would not be possible without the personal touch of Anna and Pavlos with the assistance of the highly trained, humble, cheerful staff, sharing genuine smiles and positivity!

If you, like me, are passing near Stavrou Avenue and want to have an excellent start to the day, suppress the stress, and arm yourself with positivity, the COFFEE ISLAND Stavrou is the right place! It is not advertising! NO! It is a fact and feeling shared!

Then, sometimes you might also get a surprise treat from Anna and Pavlos, who recognize the time to do it and how to do it humbly and sweetly!

People first

One word that just came to my mind and does reflect the atmosphere at COFFEE ISLAND Stavrou is COMPASSION! In Greek it is called συνπόνια-Synponia. Sharing of the pain! Pain shared is pain halved as the love shared is the love doubled!
There you get a coffee and genuine, humble, human compassion! FOR ALL!
Get your antennas ready when going there, and you will also feel it!

Enjoy the coffee!

Darko Richard Lancelot


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SunRise in Cyprus

Sunrise in Cyprus

Like everything has the end it also has the new beginnings. Sunsets and Sunrises… Cyprus is one of those places that provided you with that magic. Magic nights are complemented by magical mornings providing the visitor with all imagination necessary to recharge and continue with life full of achievements, love and happiness! Not to mention vitamin D which you will get in all necessary dosages!

Have a memorable time in Cyprus


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Sunsets in Cyprus

End of April, and Orthodox Easter! Water is still cold but the weather improved. Najority of the people are out for traditional family gathering and the first swim. This is the Cyprus you will meet, this is the Cyprus We Love, and you will when you come and spend time here!

To be continued…


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Aquamare Beach Hotel and Spa- Paphos-the charm of the family

When you visit the same place at least once a year in the range of more than a decade and never feel bored it’s the sign that the place has some extraordinarily magic that activates every time more feelings and experiences surprising you more. That is the case with Aquamare Beach Hotel &Spa.

When I started visiting this charming place I had a pleasure to meet the people behind the project, the family that is build to respect, work hard, enjoy life, making opportunities from difficulties and being proud about their roots. The family, compact and united, always looking to develop more values for the future of their big family but also for the community as a whole. I must convey to you that when we talk about values with this highly emotional and positive attitude people you understand that to get something of material value you should have first high spiritual value and practice it every moment.

High spirituality is deeply rooted in the whole family.

The Aquamare Beach Hotel &Spa  is reflecting that personal touch. The sisters touch I would say. Two sisters while having in mind clear idea what the hotel should be about, they also have a high virtue to listen to many while making definite decisions alone. They are always in balance, with their husbands steady and humble help, always logical, but at the same time  highly emotional and human.

All that energy, all the basic family values are intertwined and planted in the very foundations of this magnificant yet humble and discreet hotel. Exactly how the presentation of family values should be. Not to much talk, but the steady stand projecting posetive, magic, unique, inspirational feelings so needed for all of us seeking for the place where we want to spend the most valuable thing we have-our free time!

If you have some free time to spend visit the hotel site and learn by yourself what offers ate available.

To be continued…

Darko Richard Lancelot


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