Nissiblu-the quiet jewel

Nissiblu is the new hotel situated in world known Ayia Napa. When you ask youngsters have you been to Cyprus, they say:” you mean Ayia Napa?”

Ayia Napa offers all from family tourism to clubbing. But you already know that!

What you might not know is that NissiBlu Beach Resort five star ***** hotel is situated just near the beach with a small island which is Nissi in Greek.

With highly qualified and continually trained staff always genuinely ready for prompt response to customer questions and needs makes this hotel to follow and, most importantly, upgrade the high standards of Ayia Napa tourist offer.

Cypriots are known as hard working, never resting people, always ready to further develop their businesses. One family decided to extend their business some years ago and started building this marvelous edifice in 2018 to open it in May 2019. It was and is a success even with all the difficulties the tourism market of Cyprus and the whole world  had and still has due to the well known events. This shows that the unique flexibility and hard work of the owners.manager and staff of NISSIBLU BEACH RESORT connected with special Cyprus climate conditions always pays off! NISSIBLU is the right place to take a pause, visit their first class Genesis Spa, and have a romantic dinner in one of their excellent restaurants. It is one of the places near the famous beach giving you the opportunity to see and be seen, breathing deep and inhale the air full of iodine and fill the mind with inspiration and dreams!

NISSIBLU gives you the opportunity to have holidays of your choice, balancing between quietness and memorable beach and night life. Not to forget many  so many historical places worthy visiting that enrich every personality.

From the website of the hotel


“Introducing the new 5-Star Luxury NissiBlu Beach Resort is immersed in modern Cypriot culture and offers a choice of luxury accommodation including Superior Rooms and Suites, NissiBlu Beach Resort is located at the well-known sandy Nissi Beach overlooking the Mediterranean. The Resort reaches out to all of the Five Senses and Taste is just one sense that is well catered for, with Gastronomic Delights in abundance. Including Class Entertainment and pools of perfection, a Holiday with the Luxurious edge awaits you at NissiBlu Beach Resort.”

For more information  you can contact the hotel directly using their Web page

If seeking surprises when doing reservation you can mention and see if the surprise is to reach reality or it will stay as a wish only. “He who tries is he who gets.” I do not know is someone said that but now I said it, and it looks promising!

In the mean time enjoy some of the photos and videos from the hotel.

Genesis Spa

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Windy Sunrise in Cyprus

The best way to start with this site, where you will find much helpful information about Cyprus, is with quotes from the people that lived here many years ago.

“Cyprus…. a land famous in all ages. The rosy realm of Venus, the romantic kingdom of the Crusaders.”

Lord Beaconsfield


Cyprus we love

“Midday breeze, relaxed mind squeeze, New ideas born, extracted is the thorn and soul becomes airborne!” Magic Cyprus! Copyright D.K.

Ayia Napa Sunset

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Did you know that in 1481 Leonardo Da Vinci visited Cyprus? This is the story and video that connects the visit with his most famous painting Mona Lisa. Is it possible ? Well it’s not impossible! Read, look and imagine! Cyprus is the place where imagination is overwhelming!

Link: Leonardo Da Vinci, Caterina Cornaro and Mona Lisa

To repeat- it is not impossible!

To continue, is the place where you, the readers, will find a wide variety of information, from the origin of Cypriots to positions of the Beaches, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafeterias, and Bars names of successful companies providing different products and service, to the narrations of ancient history that relates to the world history! Oh, you will get inspired and refreshed!
We will emphasize and try to pass that traditional and specific Cypriot hospitality and connect it with the stories from and the dreams of ordinary people of Cyprus! Pictures you will see and photos you will make when visiting this magic island will not be enough without personal experience of meeting and talking to traditional Cypriots. You will be positively surprised by the apparent common sense they have!

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Lawrence Durrell, in his book The bitter Lemons of Cyprus stated:
“Life on an island, however rich, is circumscribed, and one does well to portion out one’s experiences, for sooner or later one arrives at a point where all is known and staled by repetition. Taken leisurely, with all one’s time at one’s disposal Cyprus could, I calculate, afford one a minimum of two years reckoned in terms of novelty; hoarded as I intended to hoard it, it might last anything up to a decade. That is why I wished to experience it through its people rather than its landscape, to enjoy the sensation of sharing a common life with the humble villagers of the place; and later to expand my field of investigation to its history—the lamp which illumines national character—in order to offer my live subjects a frame against which to set themselves. Alas! I was not to have time.”

This site will try to make time for you, the readers, by giving you as much information as possible to digest and come prepared for a journey of a week or two that even might look like a year or two!

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